Baldwin Linguas is a language services provider, with an international network of technically proficient writers, editors, interpreters, and native language translators, based in New Haven, CT, with partners throughout the USA, South America, Canada and Europe, specializing in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese translations. We specialize in these languages that our in-house staff speak, read, and write, in order to ensure the quality of our services.

We offer software and website localization, translation of legal documents, marketing materials, contracts, patents, websites, software and technical manuals, faqs, press releases, certifications, academic records, clinical protocol materials, medical records, academic articles, and other textual materials, and consecutive interpreting services.

We offer professional interpreting services throughout Connecticut for any combination of English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Our interpreters are certified or court approved professionals, with experience in depositions, police interviews, medical consultations and appointments, conference and telephone interpreting.

We can assist you and your company to reach an international market, negotiate with foreign business partners, localize your products, websites, and marketing materials.

Either in-house or through our vast network of language professionals, we can find the right provider, with the proper expertise to provide you with the professional translations and linguistic services that you need.